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Over the next 12 months, I will give 50 referrals to PIB members.  I personally challenge you to do the same.

Is 50 referrals too many? 50 referrals is only about 4 referrals per month.  You can do 50.

Why do this: 

> Givers get

> It's a challenge, and you love to be challenged

> There's no downside to trying

> We'll have a celebration for everyone who successfully completes the challenge.

How will this work?

Every time you give a  referral to a PIB member post it on this discussion.  Post the referral number, the name of the person you gave the referral to, and the date of the referral.

Like this:  #18, John Doe, March 11

Start: Nov 11, 2013  End: Nov 11, 2014

(Thanks to Barry Russell for this idea.)


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Referrals #18, #19, #20 to Becky Bodenstab on Feb 16

#21 Dan Kaltenbaugh, Mar 5

#22 Keith & Jackie Williams, Mar 22

#23 Jeff Ross, Jun 4

#24 Dan Kaltenbaugh, Aug 11

"#25 Dan Kaltenbaugh, Sept 8"

#26 Jackie Williams, Oct 29

How about starting this again in 2015?  Anyone else up for the challenge?

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