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My brother has gotten in a terrible accident on Sunday morning approx 1:30AM.  He fell off backward from the porch of his apartment building.  I am in search of a great accident attorney immediately.  The week porch was reported to be fixed 6 months ago. Insurance company of the building owner is trying to get statements from the people that were at the accident.  Nobody is talking until an attorney is involved! My brother is in ICU at SLU Hospital and is in critical care.  Left side Facial bones all broken, cracked skull, 3 vertebrea broken on the top of spine, neck broke along with a broken left knee cap. If your a praying person and you read this please pray for a full recovery.

Please help if you can.  Call me at 618-567-4433

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I am so sorry about your brother's accident.  I am praying for him.  We have an excellent attorney in PIB, Kathy Smith located in Alton.  Her phone number is 406-2856.  She helped me with a problem with a renter and I would highly recommend her. 
Thank you Diann.  I think my sister has the attorney part covered now.  I just want my brother to recover.  Thanks for the prayers.  He needs them for he is still in ICU since Sunday before this past Sunday.
Sorry to hear about your brother. Give him our best...MGG

Hello Monica,

I am so sorry to hear of the accident and see from later forum that he is doing a bit better.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Susan

So sorry to hear about your brother Michelle, I will keep you and your brother in my prayers!

UPDATE: My brother has been recovering very well. We are not as close as I would hope to be but his recover has him back on his feet and thinking more clearer than he was. Thank you all for your concerns and prayers.  M



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