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Hello PIB!

My name is Brad Glotfelty – I own a small ad agency in the Bellevile area - Loose Cannon Marketing & Design.
I am forming a local marketing co-op in the Belleville area and we want to have a local businesses with great reputations represented on our card. I thought I’d reach out to PIB to see if you may be able to handle some new business quickly? What we’re doing is sending out a giant postcard with 16 local deals on the card to 10,000 Belleville households filled with IRRESISTIBLE offers.
YOU KEEP 100% OF YOUR SALES.  And only 1 advertiser per industry will be invited.  You could be our first, and only business in your industry!
We were looking to run IRRESISTABLE deals to get response from these 10,000 local residents.  Similar deals have sold hundreds on daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social, so what we’re doing is just taking those same offers that have proven response, placing them on our giant postcard, mailing it out to 10,000 of your neighbors, and you keep 100% of your sales.
We get your offer in front of 10,000+ LOCAL residents with virtually 100% visibility. These are the customers within a 5-10 mile radius of your business- the people who actually WANT to see your offer and will most likely purchase with you. When you work with daily deal sites they do expose your business to hundreds of thousands of people however most of the deals sold are to those customers that are closest to your business.
We NEVER take a percentage of every deal sold on our giant mailer! YOU KEEP 100% OF ALL SALES! When you work with a daily deal site they will take 40%-50% of every sale sold through their website. This can prove very costly for most businesses- often netting them only about 25% of every sale made through the deal site. On top of this, these businesses have already discounted their prices so they end up serving a lot of people at drastically reduced prices–barely if at all turning a profit.
We accept only IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS on our giant postcard. And we will work with you to choose a deal for your business that has already been proven through a daily deal site...a deal that has already sold hundreds or even thousands of deals previously.  Or we'll help you crete a unique offer that will be sure to drive traffic to your business.  If it worked once it will work again so you can properly prepare your business for the influx of coming traffic.
We want your business to succeed and we will help you prepare for your “deal dropper”.
You only pay a small upfront price (only pennies per household) to get your proven offer in the hands of 10,000+ local residents, you keep 100% of all your sales, and we’ll help you turn a maximum profit with your deal with our one-of-a-kind postcard mailing.
Anyway, there are a few more things I'd like to discuss to see if your business would be a good fit for our card. Can you let me know if you'd be interested and if so what day/time can we set up a quick 10 minute phone conversation to discuss it more?
Shoot me an email at if you're interested, have any questions, or would like to see our media kit.  Thanks and take care!

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