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Mission Statement:

People in Business provides a community of like-minded businesses striving to create a positive relationship-based marketing environment.  It also provides a personal resource network for information, friendship, corporate coordination, and education.


Membership Pledge:

All members pledge to hold their work relationships to the highest standards of conduct, work together toward common goals, discover opportunities by building long-term relationships, and bring their full commitment to the ideal of helping one another succeed in business.



Meeting called to order by coordinator


Facilitator introduced

            Mission Statement and Membership Pledge


New Visitors recognized and greeted (offered an opportunity to introduce themselves)

All attendees offered 30 seconds to speak about themselves

(approx 25 minutes after start) Speaker: 10 minute presentation applicable to business (35-40 minutes after start)Announcements re: PIB business and upcoming events

            Request for greeters, facilitators and speakers

            Reminder to leave tip for waiter/waitresses (if desired)

Reminder to check the website for upcoming events

Door prizes:

"Thank you" to greeters and coordinator. Wish everyone a good week!

(45 minutes after start) Final Networking: ENCOURAGEMENT to make at least one appointment

(One hour after start) Adjournment by Coordinator

            "Thank you" to facilitator and other volunteers such as press release writer


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