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Common Household Products Link to Lung Damage

As a cancer survivor, I have a passion for educating others on how to improve their quality of life by eliminating and/or minimizing their exposure to toxic personal care and home care products that are associated with many of today's major health issues. There is now a 20 year study that "officially" links the use of Common Household Products to Lung Damage.  Wow!

We live in a great country that has made significant advancements in technology, math, science, engineering and even health care.  Unfortunately, the Consumer Goods Market is a high UN-regulated industry.  

The regulations in our country ask that all manufacturers police themselves.  It states that if a manufacturer produces a product with a "known" toxin or poison, they must put a warning label and/or a safety cap on their products.  Of course, there are many consumer related products that meet this criteria and do have the warning labels affixed and/or safety caps.  Unfortunately, many of us do not read the warning labels. We believe that if a product is on the shelf it must be safe.  We assume or presume that our Government is the "watch-dog" of the manufacturing of Consumer Goods. Our Government does get involved when a major health risk has been raised or identified after the fact.

More than ever, I am on a mission to educate consumers on the dangers in common household products and introduce them to a safer alternative.  There is a manufacturer with a long-term history of producing safer personal care and home care products along with clinically validated/patented protected nutritional supplements with a documented 85% to 95% absorption rate. 

If you would like information on the 20 Year Study or a list of toxic products, send me an email at or give me a call at 314-325-4213.  Also, if you would like to conduct a quick on-line assessment to see the potential products in your house that may be toxic to included the associated health risk, click on this link to learn more====>>>

Thanks for reading and I hope I hear from you!

All the Best!

Allen Dorsey, Jr., MBA
Wellness Coach & Cancer Survivor

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