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Don't replace a ballast. Upgrade to ballast free Leds.

Ballast free Leds

The benefits of LED lighting have certainly become a frequent topic among business and home owners looking for more efficient thus more affordable lighting than incandescent.

“I was visiting Gary Johnson, owner of the ACE Hardware in Bethalto, and noticed that his lighting that used to be fluorescent was just brilliant,” said Mike Grimes, owner of Commercial Energy Consultants. “He said that he was getting tired of climbing up scaffolding sometimes twice a week to replace ballasts and fluorescent bulbs. Solution: he installed Ballast-Free LED lighting and not only is the lighting brilliant, but he is using less energy thus saving more money on his energy bill!”

Charlie Kramer of Community Kindness in Belleville is a retired lighting specialist. “I knew the first-time Mike demonstrated the bulb I was going to upgrade. What impressed me is the quality of light with no Ballast. Anyone who has been around fluorescent bulbs know the cost is in the ballast.” Charlie invites anyone to stop by his shop and check out his new lights.

Nationally, ACE Hardware has sold 1 million bulbs last year and the projection for the future is three-fold.

Grimes said CEC is helping Johnson at ACE market Ballast-Free bulbs. It is possible to use LED lighting with existing ballasts if your ballasts are new.

Grimes advises, “don’t replace a ballast, instead upgrade to ballast free Led bulbs!”. 

Whichever you choose, though, give Commercial Energy a call today and let them take the hassle out of your lighting needs. Call (877) 212-1400 today to schedule a FREE lighting audit and visit 

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