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Identity Theft Information at Highland People In Business Meeting

Wednesday Morning at the June 2013 PIB Networking Event I had the opportunity to speak about the Importance of being Proactive about Identity Theft.

To convey the importance about doing something about idt, I told a few stories about real people who's lives have been devastated by ID Thieves. I think the stories helped get the point across that everyone needs to be aware and do the necessary measures in helping in having a quick response, when it happens to you!

Thank you goes to everyone in attendance and for the nice comments. 

It's just so important for everyone to know and understand that it's not just Credit Fraud, it's not just about financial. It's about your Identity, your life. Here is the website again for the Federal Trade Commission, so you all can download the 68 page document, I spoke about, on some tips about IDTheft.


To learn about the identity theft protection services offered through LegalShield, please visit,


Doing Nothing is Doing Something the wrong way.


Make it a Great Day,
Linda Stratton

Independent Associate


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