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Welcome to my first blog post!  I'm Sheri and I'm here because I have a passion - empowering others in their health using nature.  My preferred way to access the healing power of nature?  Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

My essential oil journey began 1/15/2014 to help my husband and younger daughter with various ailments that we were unable to address on our own or with doctors.  I had no idea that with a tiny step (well click on a computer to order my essential oils) I was starting an epic journey.  My goal was never to build a business.  In fact, I barely looked at that part of the information that arrived with my oils.  But within days I found myself sharing my oils with others and getting as excited by their experiences as I was with my own.

My first personal experience with the difference in the brand I chose over the ones I had been buying in stores occurred the first time I smelled melaleuca.  I was quite familiar with tea tree oil....or so I thought.  I was blown away by the crisp, sharp aroma of the melaleuca as soon as I cracked the seal.  Several months back we had worked on an issue using store bought tea tree oil.  We used it full strength for a couple of months to no avail.  And had completely given up and decided to wait out the problem.  Cue the arrival of my new oils!!  Within a week a 20% dilution of my new pure, therapeutic oils helped to rectify the issue completely.

So the experimentation began!!!  The following night I tried my new lavender at bedtime.  I had grown weary of buying lavender in stores and sometimes having it help me feel calm but often smelling odd and giving my husband a headache.  It never occurred to me that the headaches and chest tightness were for the SAME reason he can't tolerate perfumes and scented lotions/candles - they are synthetic smells!!  My 'pure' store bought essential oils were not what I had been lead to believe they were.  I found that my new lavender not only helped my kiddos relax down and promote a better night's sleep while cutting bedtime in half, but it also didn't bother my husband and helped both of us sleep better.

Suddenly, I realized I didn't have to live in a scent free world anymore! My journey to better understand the harmony that our bodies are meant to express and how balance = wellness had begun. And I was steadily becoming more empowered to not only help myself make better health choices but to fill in the gaps when my choices were less than ideal or maybe just not good enough!!

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