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Solar Pool Heating Kit

Our new solar pool heater reduces your use of fossil fuels with a system that keeps your pool renewably warm for less — and extends your swimming season longer than ever. Our system captures the sun’s radiant heat and efficiently transfers it to your pool via heavy-duty, commercial-grade solar panels with reinforced welds and UV inhibitors. Installed on roofs or in yards, there are no complex parts or electronics to add. Instead, do-it-yourself instructions take you step by step through an easy one-day installation process that grafts your new system onto equipment you’ve already got. Our Standard Kit consists of one 4' x 10' panel with mounting hardware and hold-down strap, and a row kit for adding panels to create a single row. Add additional panels to the standard kit as sizing calculations indicate (each includes mounting hardware and hold-down strap). Use our Split Kit to break up a row of panels and install it around an obstacle like a roof vent. Our Double Row Kit divides linked panels into two rows. Our Plumbing Kit includes everything needed to connect panels to your pool’s water system. Our Auto-Control Package adds thermostatic regulation for custom control. 10-year mfg. warranty.

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